báo phụ nữ vay cuoi thoi trang cong so thoi trang ba bau thoi trang noi y cach trang diem thảm quốc minh thảm thổ nhĩ kỳ thảm trải sàn thảm trải sàn gia đình thảm văn phòng mua thảm trải sàn cach giam can meo vat thu dam

How are hard work about trainning of circus students ?

Few people know that in order to be able to stand on stage performing repertoire mature audience admiration , surprise and loudly applauded by the incessant applause requires hard work to artists in a circus how long pour time effort , sweat and tears .
Before you start practicing contortionist , My and Ly status quo must always start like this in 2-10 minutes with the help of the other students in the class .
Founded in 1962, the School of Circus Arts and Revues Vietnam ( Mai Dich , Cau Giay District, Hanoi ) is considered the cradle of many generations trained actor , famous circus artists while still sitting on school chairs .
Audience admission is the children from 11-15 years old . After 5 years of training , new students have the basic repertoire . And to be able to attend the graduation exam , each student will have participated in at least 10 sessions held in public at the theater 's Experiences .
Then , the actor must constantly practice to get a knack items , then invest time effort to create a unique repertoire participate in the contest to domestic and international talent confirmed themselves .
Injuries during training is something every day . How hard is difficult , but above all passion for this job made ​​the young students here to have an extraordinary energy admirable ...
The female students as male students , needs a healthy body to be able to withstand the high intensity and strenuous exercise like this .
My two twin sisters - are performing repertoire Ly contortionist . This is one item difficult and most complex female students forced to perform . It requires hard work and practice continuously for months .
Khuat Thi Thuy Linh was the youngest female students here . Children enter school at age 11 and is now a 3rd year student . Spirit is guiding the teacher moves on rope swing so that the most precise and beautiful .

To exercise the acrobatics high above , each student must tighten safety belt to avoid injury to the maximum extent .
Phung Van Quy ( 14 years old ) said that the difficulty of the repertoire will be increasing over the years . Therefore, you have to practice hard to be able to keep a good balance in this repertoire because its characteristics are not wearing seat belts and artists absolutely have to " stand " with their arms as tree elevated perches .

Although each item has practiced and skillful attention to your food , but the incident took sudden and unexpected can happen at any time .
Arduous occupations circus ...
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